In Order to be recognized by the Council for Student Organizations at the Modesto A. Madique Campus student organizations must complete the following:

New AND Re-Established Organizations:
Must complete new organization request form [Click Here]

If APPROVED – Organization must attend an OrgSync Training Session.

  • Fall sessions will be held during SORC office hours.
  • Summer session dates (to be announced)
  • To RSVP for orgsync training please click here

If DENIED – Organization must schedule a meeting with Ayana Wilson, CSO advisor.

After the OrgSync Training, organizations will have access to the registration forms. A 2013-2014 executive board member must attend an OrgSync training session PRIOR to submitting the registration packet (Submit registration packet online through CSO portal (no paper forms accepted). Organization must complete registration packet through the CSO portal. No paper forms will be accepted.

CSO Student Organization Registration Process


In Order to be recognized and by the Council for Student Organizations at the Modesto A. Maidique Campus student organizations must complete the following:

  • Must complete Organization Registration packet on OrgSync by the first Wednesday of each semester by 5pm to be eligible for funding and recognition by CSO. All registration packets must be submitted online through OrgSync. New and Re-Established Student Organizations must submit the new organization request form and be approved by the CSO Advisor prior to submitting CSO registration paperwork.
  • At least one member of the organization’s executive board must have attended OrgSync training within the last academic year.
  • Organizations must have their OrgSync portal profile updated.
  • Must attend Executive Board Orientation each semester.
  • Must have a minimum of 10 currently enrolled FIU Student members with valid Panther IDs, and at least 51% of the membership must be registered students at the MMC and/or Engineering Center. Only members with valid panther ID’s in the organizations OrgSync portal are counted toward the requirement.
  • Organizations must have at minimum the following positions: President (must have cumulative 2.5 GPA), Treasurer, and CSO representative (The president and treasurer cannot be the same person).
  • Must have an advisor who is a full time faculty or staff advisor on the MMC or Engineering Center campus (graduate students and part time employees are not eligible). The adviser must complete yearly adviser’s training.
  • Must have an organization constitution and/or bylaws. Please use the constitution template located on OrgSync in the CSO portal for required sections in constitution

o    Once packet is submitted and approved, organization will receive access to the OrgSync portal and can begin inviting members to join portal (10 currently enrolled FIU students with valid Panther Id’s are required for recognition).


Organizations that do not meet these requirements at the time of registration, or at any point in time during the year, will not be recognized by CSO.



Registration and Recognition with CSO, grants organizations the following privileges:

  1. Ability to reserve rooms on campus for the academic year (Fall and Spring/Summer).
  2. Access to OrgSync and an Organization OrgSync portal.
  3. Access to resources available in the Student Organization Resource Center.
  4. Access to university funding through the CSO points system. Please note: Organizations that complete registration and are recognized, but do not satisfy the point requirements during the semester will not be eligible for basic or special allocation funding the following semester.

There is no minimum point requirement to be met by organizations in order to be recognized by the Council for Student Organizations. The Points System is only for student organizations who wish to be eligible for CSO funding.


Types of Registration:

The Council for Student Organizations recognizes three types of student organizations. Each category has different components to complete, and failure to complete any/all of the components will result in inability to be recognized as a student organization with CSO.

  • Returning/Established Organizations – Organizations that fully register each Fall semester for the year, and renew registration the subsequent Spring
  • Re-Established Organizations – Returning organizations that did not complete registration requirements the previous semester.
  • New Organizations – Organizations seeking recognition and registering with CSO for the first time or have not been recognized for two consecutive semesters. Must complete new organization request form prior to submitting registration paperwork.
  • Unregistered Student Groups- Unregistered student groups that have not participated in the CSO registration process. FIU acknowledges, but does not support or endorse, unregistered student groups. FIU recognizes the right of students to associate in order to express commonly shared viewpoints. Some student groups may desire this level of classification because of the minimal amount of requirements. Unregistered student groups must still abide by the Student Code of Conduct and applicable laws.




The registration deadline for all student organizations at FIU who wish to receive both funding and recognition from CSO is the first Wednesday of each semester by 5pm.

The registration deadline for all student organizations at FIU who wish to receive recognition only is set each semester. Those that submit after the funding and recognition deadline will not be eligible to request recognition for the semester.