The CSO Point System was established to ensure that registered organizations remain active and visible on campus. Organizations who wish to obtain access to special allocations must earn one point in each category to be eligible to request special allocations (11 in total). No recognition will be given to events that do not fall under any of these categories without a prior consultation by the CSO Executive Board. Any event where there is the consumption/involvement of alcoholic beverages will not count as a point under the CSO Point System as per the CSO Finance Policies.

  • Funded Organizations are eligible to participate in the CSO points system each semester in order to obtain access to special allocations:
    1. Must earn one (1) point in each of the categories listed in the table below.
  • All CSO Point Report Forms and Organization Monthly Report Forms for events held within the month must be submitted by the monthly deadline (located on page 6 of this manual).
  • All CSO Point Report Forms and Organization Monthly Report Forms for events held after the point deadline has passed for the same month need to be submitted during the following month.
  • Please note that organizations cannot earn points for events held during the summer months.
  • Organizations do NOT have to wait until the end of the month to submit point forms. Organizations may submit as soon as the event has ended.
  • All report forms will be closed after 5:00pm of the point’s deadline so that no more submissions for that month will be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS! Points will NOT be counted retroactively.
  • Please refer to the “Points Submission Guidelines: How to Submit Points” document for the proper procedures to submit points and accepted proof for events in each different point category.
  • The completion of one point in each category gives an organization the privilege of requesting up to $1,200.00 of additional funding through Special Allocations. Special Allocations funding is not guaranteed since funding is allocated until the funds run out.
  • How to look at Point Messages on OrgSync if your form is denied:
    1. Login to OrgSync (www.orgsync.com)
    2. Click on your name and select activity
    3. Find the form you submitted, underneath the reason for denial will be in quotations.